Pirate Coin Master Game

Pirate Coin Master is a unique game that mixes several genres into one game. Most games today are simple and straightforward to play. Because of that they people get bored too fast and just stop playing. But this is for sure not the case with Pirate Coin Master. In Pirate Coin Master, you are playing against millions of players all over the world. All of you have one simple job, and that is to become the best player. You can be Viking, Warrior, Hippie, King or even Pirate if you like to.

The game developers did an amazing job, and this game is playable, and everything in the game makes sense, just like the graphics. The graphic in the game is lifted to a whole new level for a mobile game. Cartoonish style is a funny and interesting way for this game. I am sure you will enjoy the characters, land, map, fights, and spins in the game.

How To play Pirate Coin Master

Play Slots for loot The Slots are a most important factor of Coin Master. By spinning the wheel, you are looking at your fortune and hope for the best. Spinning is the most important play of the game. By spinning, you will determine all the fate in the game. You can get up to 50 spins, the more you spin, the higher are chances you will be the winner in the game.

Battles and Raids

By spinning a wheel you will make coins, no doubt in that, but you can also get coins by attacking other Vikings in the area. By attacking and raiding you can collect hidden treasures because you don't know what is hidden in the enemy village. Constant raiding and fighting with the enemy is a key to the victory. If you get raided or attacked, you need to defend and or raid the enemy back. Only that way you can make sure that the enemy will not constantly raid your village. So make sure you have enough spins available to keep the wheel spinning.

When attacking the enemy village, you will have an option to select which building to attack. Every building will give you a different type of loot. Also when you get shields on slots, you will be protected against one enemy attack. That means that when you are attacked, the attacker will get blocked and will not inflict any damage. You can also revenge attacks on your village, or if you like, you can also attack a village from your friend.


Raiding is done in a similar way as attacking, and you will need to get three pigs in a slot machine. After that, you are selecting a spot to dig for a treasure. If you are lucky, you can find hidden treasure and make a serious amount of coins. If you have a multiplayer by reading the enemy village, you can make millions in no time.

Collect Cards to Make Sets

Coins are important, with them you can build and make anything you like in the game. But by collecting cards and making sets, you will be able to advance and make new stronger villages which will give you even better loot.

Facebook is an Important factor of The Game

The game is linked with Facebook, and over the Facebook, you can exchange cards with your friends. By exchanging cards, you can make sets even faster, and that only means that your village will level up at rapid speed.

Building a Large Village

After you are done with spinning the wheel, you need to spend all that coins you have collected. Build stuff on the village to get levels. The more you build, the stronger your village will be.

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